Welcome to my website! My name is Florian Isikci and I'm the co-founder of Vhite Rabbit. We do all kinds of work in the WebXR space, check out our WebVR games portal Construct Arcade and our in hyper performant WebXR engine, the Wonderland Engine.

I have worked on different kinds of VR and WebXR projects with many different tools. These include: Unity, Unreal, three.js & A-Frame. You can see some of them on my portfolio.

I am always interested in your cool ideas, so don't be shy! If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact me either through social media or email. You have the option to look at my portfolio on the index page to see some of the work I've done so far.

What I do


I am capable of doing smaller gameplay coding tasks in multiple languages, such as: C#, C++ and Blueprint(Unreal).

Technical Art

Intergration of assets into the game engine and setup effects and materials to recreate the artist's vision.

3D Modeling

Able to do basic 3D Modeling, setting up UVs and simple texturing for game objects in Blender and Substance Painter 2.

Game Development

Created multiple WebXR games for Construct Arcade, including Barista Express,

Interaction Design

Worked on UI (design and implementation) for VR/Games, interested in learning a lot more in this area.


Fluent verbally and written in German and English. Feel comfortable in Turkish.