New Website Launch!

Florian on July 25, 2017

Banner saying Hello

I have launched my new Website today, it is a definitive improvement from the old one. The old website was very cluttered, didn't convey the most important things (the projects I did) as well as it should have and wasn't as pretty as this one.

With the launch of this site, I am planning on starting a small blog discussing things that I find interesting. Since I am not a good writer, the posts will most likely be short and include a lot of pictures.
Let's hope we can find some interesting topics to talk about. My main focus will most likely be on game development and sometimes on cooking/food/travel in that order.

Also about why I only have so few projects listed on my portfolio: since I am new in the job market I didn't want to include a lot of my student work in my portfolio, as those do not reflect my current skillset. If you have any suggestions about the site or any tipps on how I can improve any part of my portfolio, I would encourage you to do so! I promise to not answer with ALL CAPS!!!

Anyway, thank you for taking your time to read this blog! Take care!

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